Serious work gets done here.  All kinds of work adapted to all kinds of people.  The team of trainers is talented and are dedicated to making each client’s goals their own.  The gym is new and absolutely beautiful: great sound system and state of the art equipment.  Fun, free Saturday boot camps are a nice touch to get the extra burn over the weekend.  Super flexible with hours and availability.  I followed my trainer Seth here. We have been working 3X a week for 20 months.  Each session is different from the next, but the core movements are always incorporated.  Seth has modified my training to adapt to my physical therapy regimen after a herniated disk in my lower back.  Thanks to him I have been able to regain mobility and strength while getting leaner

starsSofie Margulis

When I first started training with Seth I had a hard time lifting 10 lbs or squatting my own bodyweight.  I am proud to say that that I can lift a lot more than that now and am squatting the weight of my body on a bar!  He has shown me what I am capable of doing and that has fueled my fire to keep achieving my goals.  I used to be intimidated by weight lifting, but with his guidance and motivation, I love it now!  I love the atmosphere in here.  All the trainers and clientele weigh in for motivation whenever I need it.  So much fun. 

starsChristine LaBounty

Atlas Performance is an amazing facility with the BEST trainers. I have had the best support from my trainers Seth and Michelle.  Seth always knows how to whip my butt in to shape and have fun while we’re at it.  Then, to compliment, I have Michelle who has shared her knowledge on nutrition and has been a positive support system for me where I struggle the most.  The biggest difference is that you get support from all the trainers who work there; it isn’t limited to just one.  I feel like I am part of the family here and I always feel supported and welcome when I walk in the door.  I couldn’t ask for a better place to help me reach my goals. Thank you Atlas Performance Training!!

starsKim Hrabchak

Daniel Cisneros is hands down one of the BEST trainers I have ever worked with! I’ve had many different personal trainers, but none like Daniel. His energy, positive attitude, knowledge and passion for fitness shows in his work and dedication to all clients.  I am a former competitive and ballet dancer and always been an active person. Due to my time in competitive dance, I lacked having lean toned muscle and the physique I desired. I was very skinny and I wanted to have more of a figure and overall be more athletic. I came to Daniel with a clear vision of having “more” lean toned muscle as well as maintaining a healthy diet. Something on my bucket list was to compete in a bikini show. He listened and told me we will get there if I trust and followed to his coaching.There have been my times where I’ve been frustrated and down on myself. However, something that Daniel once said to me that has always resonated with me is; “Finding out the right formula for  anyone takes time”. “The people who don’t give up and stay consistent get the end result they want”. “We will keep at it working hard”. “I have never failed anyone who didn’t give up and I am determined to get you to a show and do well at it”. I can now proudly say I will be doing my first NPC bikini show in a couple of months. I love the way my body has transformed from being skinny to being fit with muscle. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Daniel believing and pushing me to my limits mentally, physically, and emotionally . I could never thank him enough! ATLAS Performance Training is great for any level of fitness and take a chance with Daniel, I promise you will not regret it!

starsMalesha Inthisane