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Niacin Flushing for a Better Health One of the greatest benefits of niacin flushing is that it stimulates growth hormone that will put some muscle on your physique. First of all what does niacin flushing exactly entail? When you take in an overdose of niacin, your veins will widen a little and blood flow is greatly enhanced. This process is called niacin flushing, because you basically flush the system of toxic waste cluttered in the capillaries, where circulation is normally weak. In this article I will explain what niacin flushing does for building muscle, how you can achieve these benefits yourself too and how to avoid side effects. Niacin Flushing: How it Works When you take in the overdose of niacin, production of growth hormone will be stimulated. The best time to take in niacin is just prior to sleeping. Moreover, niacin flushing can also make you more vascular, and…

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