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Today on my Body Re-Engineering private forums I was asked the following natural bodybuilding question: Natural Bodybuilding Question: Dear Hugo: Without compromising resistance training, would it do any harm to grab a set of resistance bands and run through a series of exercises say later in the day or in the evening? I do my bodybuilding training in the morning with weight’s and cardio right after. My split is: Day 1-Chest/Back, Day 2-Shoulders/Arms, Day 3-Legs I’m thinking this is a wonderful way to do an round body routine with aerobics resistance bands. I have a very light set that I acquired some time ago…I found them the other day and thought: “hell, why not use them?” Natural Bodybuilding Answer: As long as you have the time and the desire, you can actually do something with the aerobic exercise bands which will help you to burn some extra calories and cause…

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