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Functional Strength — now there’s a buzzword that’s become popular over the past few years. Functional training, functional strength, functional conditioning, functional tactics, functional martial arts – functional etc., etc., etc. Truth be told, there’s really no such thing as “functional (anything).” Why not? Because for any particular type of training (strength for example) to be considered “functional,” it would imply that an alternate type of training would not be functional. In other words, it’s like saying, “Program A” can help you build “functional strength,” while “Program B” can’t, and that’s not true. To be “functional,” means serving a function. To build strength, to be stronger than you were before — that your strength serves a function. At the very least, you’ll be able to train with heavier weights. Now, you may be thinking, “Not necessarily, Wiggy! I can train and become stronger by performing Lateral Raises (for my shoulders),…

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