Geriatric Pharmaton Review

General Information Geriatric Pharmaton is a world famous Swiss health supplement that is scientifically proven with reference to efficacy. It is an excellent combination of standardized extract of ginseng G115, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. it supplements the body with substances that are essential for body, thus improves physical and mental performance. It is a Read more about Geriatric Pharmaton Review[…]

A Review of the Sportcraft TX5.0 RC Treadmill

I love walking, especially out doors, but there are times in winter when it’s just too darn cold. So, recently I bought the Sportcraft TX 5.0 RC Treadmill. Here’s my review and why I’m glad I bought it. It’s great that I can now enjoy a good walk workout in the comfort of my own Read more about A Review of the Sportcraft TX5.0 RC Treadmill[…]

Bowflex Revolution Review – Is it Good For Bodybuilding?

Having seen all those Bowflex infomercials, I wondered whether the Bowflex Revolution FT would help me get bigger and better. With 90 exercises and 400 variations, I was instantly attracted to the possibilities. Finally, I could work out at home, when I want, and get in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, reality started Read more about Bowflex Revolution Review – Is it Good For Bodybuilding?[…]