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ECA is the workingman’s solution to losing body fat. Consisting of over-the-counter ingredients, it creates a thermogenic, fat-burning effect in the body for less than a dollar per day. It’s completely legal, and when used correctly by healthy people, very safe. Here are the basics: Ingredients: 81 mg Aspirin 25 mg Ephedra tablets 200 mg Caffeine pills Directions: Consume one 81 mg aspirin, one 25 mg ephedrine tablet, and one 200 mg caffeine pill, immediately upon rising in the morning. Drink one cup of water with it. Repeat this dose between 2 and 4 pm. Consume two doses daily per day – no more. Enjoy the ECA stack 6 days per week. Use it 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off, for the duration of your pre-contest dieting cycle. Cost: The cost for running an ECA stack is less than one dollar per day. A month’s supply of Ephedra can be…

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