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A common problem I see among men (and some women) is that they tend to have very thick and sometimes protruding waists. This is almost an epidemic among heavy powerlifters or prior athletes, especially football players. Often times the problem is not even that they have too much body fat, but that their midsections are simply so strong and muscular that they stick out. This can ruin your physique, and while useful in powerlifting, can cause muscle imbalances that will prevent you from performing activities in which you move your own bodyweight over distance(like basketball, soccer, or gymnastics). What exercises to limit or avoid altogether to get rid of the “potbelly” Right off the bat I need to mention squats and deadlifts. Now I`m definitely not against squats or sidebends despite the popular furor in many circles that they automatically create an ugly physique. I think that Deadlifts are awesome…

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