How to Cope With Common Mental Health Problems

How to Cope With Common Mental Health Problems

Do you want better mental health? Are you looking for simple, yet effective tips on how to cope better with your mental health diagnosis? Many people with mental illnesses struggle with anxiety, isolation, and obesity. If you are dealing with any one of these problems and want solutions please keep reading.

The first problem I would like to discuss is anxiety. Anxiety can make living a nightmare depending on its severity. Many people have a continuous cycle of anxiety because they have trained their brain to think as such. Anxiety can be caused by many factors like nutritional deficiencies, but the one I want to focus on is the one where people have picked up the habit of worrying simply because they had no knowledge of anything better to do instead of worry. One solution to this problem could be to simply train your brain to replace what you are worrying about with something positive. For example if you are worrying about losing your job you could replace it with I don’t know if I will lose my job, but there are many jobs out there and I will find another if this happens. Also, I have been through difficult times I can get through this too. This kind of thinking will put you in a place of peace to come up with a solution instead of focusing on the negative, which only makes you worry more. Start thinking this way and your anxiety is sure to improve. Another effective method is to journal. Yes, journalling has many great benefits.Just Google it and you will see. Journalling for anxiety is very effective because you can get all your troubling thoughts onto paper and look for a solution to your problems instead of them being jumbled up in your mind. Journalling for anxiety will definitely give you peace of mind and help you think clearer. Also writing in a journal everyday in general is a good way to improve mental health because you will start to see patterns that keep you stuck in your daily life you wouldn’t normally see.

The second problem I would like to discuss is isolation. Many people with mental illnesses live in isolation because of the shame of their diagnosis and many others because they just don’t have the social skills to build new relationships. So I want to shine some light on how to overcome this problem. One way is to educate yourself. Educate yourself on how to build self-esteem especially when it comes to the stigma of mental illness. Also, educate yourself on how to build social skills. Yes, this will take some work on your part, but it is worth it. Another way to come out of isolation is to volunteer. Yes, you heard me right, volunteer. There is no better way to overcome loneliness than to do what you love and learn valuable job skills that can be beneficial for a future job. Also, as you learn social skills you can practice them on your co- workers. Last, but not least join a support group. This will help to put you around others who understand what you are going through and it will be easier to make friends because you have things in common. Also, more than likely it will be very therapeutic.

The last problem I would like to discuss is obesity. Many people with mental illnesses are obese because of their medications. They complain, but they never get around to doing anything about it. So, what I would like to do is give some suggestions on how to improve this condition. First, realize that this does not have to be the state you have to stay in. Awareness is the first step toward change. Next, make goals on what you want to achieve. This can be how many pounds you want to be, how often you will have to exercise, the kinds of foods you will have to eat, beverages you will have to stay away from and etc. Then make a list of the resources you will have to get like exercise equipment, fitness books, fitness gear and etc. After that, figure out how you can reach your goal the most fun. Also, have a fitness journal to track progress and if you fall off for a day or two or however many, write how you can improve. See if you can get others to help you. Two is always better than one, but if you can,t no worries you can do it alone also. Also, consult with a doctor before exercising.

Remember, it is vital we take care of our mental health. Yes, medications are important, but we also have to take it a step forward and do things like exercise, eat well, drink water, and manage anxiety because no one else is going to do it for us. You only get one body, mind, and spirit and it’s up to us to take care of them. So, make sure you do your best to do so.

Source by Quanisha N Green