The Safed Musli Plant and Natural Bodybuilding Supplements

The Safed Musli Plant and Natural Bodybuilding Supplements

Safed Musli, also known as chlorophytum borivilianum is a rare plant found in India which has recently proven to be a very beneficial addition to natural bodybuilding supplements. Well known for its abilities as an aphrodisiac, Safed Musli has become increasingly popular and sought out worldwide. It is an herb which appears annually and is able to withstand major changes in climate. The plant belongs to the Liliaceae family and is typically grown in Andhra Pradesh. Safed Musli plants stand approximately one and a half feet high with long, skinny leaves which are deep green and white with tuberous roots.

Its outstanding medicinal properties have become an important staple in bodybuilding supplements.

Safed Musli is comprised of many steroidal glycosides. It contains compounds such as 8-hexadecenoic acid, palmitic acid, 3-heptadecanone, methyl pentacosanoate and stearic acid.

The ever-growing interest in natural products has boosted the demand for Safed Musli especially in Europe, the United States and countries in the Gulf. With increasing popularity around the world, the plant is continually being researched and tested in new herbal remedies and products.

Ancient Use of the Safed Musli Plant in India

The Safed Musli plant is traced back to India where it has been used for many years as a vital medicinal plant. The species first attracted attention in 1954 in India as it was incorporated into many Ayurvedic tonics and used as an aphrodisiac. From there it began to reach rare status as demand for the plant dramatically increased. The plant has been an integral part of Ayurdvedic medicine, treating conditions from diabetes to arthritis and even high cholesterol.

Ayurvedic literature celebrates Safed Musli as a miracle plant with amazing abilities. Some of this literature includes Rasendra Sarsangrah, Bhavaprakash nighantu and Raja Ballabh Nighantu where the plant is referred to as “Vajikaran” meaning aphrodisiac.

Saponins, A Key Ingredient

The underlying benefits of the Safed Musli plant are the saponins within in. Saponins are found in the roots and have tremendous therapeutic abilities. Their name is derived from the Latin word for “soap” which refers to the frothy nature of saponins when they are combined with water.

Saponins contain natural medicinal properties which promote optimum health. They are involved in hemolysis, stimulate the immune system, act as an expectorant and reduce inflammation. Saponins also contain properties that combat fungi, bacteria and protozoa.

Aside from the Safed Musli plant, saponins can be found in many other forms in nature. These include the following: fenugreek herb, ginseng, red onions, soy beans, agave plant, bacopa monierri, paprika, alfalfa herb and disogenin which comes from wild yam root.

Modern Use of Safed Musli in Bodybuilding Supplements

Recently, research on how the saponins contained in Safed Musli effect testosterone has shown traces of stigmasterol as well as hecogenin. Both of these components are ideal ingredients for natural bodybuilding supplements []. Stigmasterol shares a similar structure to testosterone. It is believed to latch on to the same body receptors that testosterone attaches to which causes stigmasterol to act nearly the same as testosterone. In similar fashion, hecogenin has an ability to convert to specific compounds that resemble testosterone and yields the same results on the body.

Taking supplements containing Safed Musli benefit the body in many different ways. They can improve strength and physical endurance, buffer lactic acid, fight general body weakness, aid in recovering from the physical exhaustion of exercise and build muscle mass while lowering heart and respiration rates as well as systolic blood pressure. Other effects include an elevated libido, sperm count and helping to increase spermatosis.

Additional Uses of Safed Musli

Besides its uses as a bodybuilding agent, the Safed Musli plant is frequently used for the following: an alternative to the popular drug Viagra, a cure for weakness and debilitating illnesses, a therapeutic practice in Ayurveda, Allopathy and Unani, remedies for arthritis and diabetes, a drug to help improve immune functions as well as a cure for natal and post-natal complications.

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